Dr. Leslie Smith, DDS


Dr. Smith graduated from University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston in 2015. Her philosophy is simple.

“Care for your patient and do dentistry on them the same way you would like it done.”

After receiving her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree (DDS), she completed her two-year residency at Texas Children’s Hospital. Dr. Smith completed her advanced dental training at Spear education in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Brightest Smiles Dentist Finder offers a full-service dental office for everything, from simple fillings and dental cleanings to implant and smile makeovers. Her greatest strength is her ability to encourage preventative care among her patients. This practice feels more like a home because of her gentle touch and friendly nature.

Dr. Smith is passionately involved in preventative dentistry. Her approach to any situation is as conservative as possible. Dr. Smith believes in using only the most natural and least-invasive dental procedures.

Dr. Smith is the chief editor at Brightest Smiles Dentist Finder. He also manages an inter-disciplinary team of dentists, administrative specialists, and highly skilled staff.

Dr. Smith loves to spend time with her dogs, read books and sip her favorite coffee when she’s not busy practicing dentistry. She loves photography, music, reading, baking, and writing.

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